Clinics & Services

In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a wide range of clinics and healthcare services:


pregnant8Ante Natal Care with the Midwife

The community midwifery team holds clinics on Monday mornings for hospital booking and antenatal care. Your GP may make your first appointment or you may be advised by the maternity unit at the hospital to do so. The midwives will continue your care both at the health centre and the hospital.

Child Health & Immunisation Clinics

The clinic is run weekly on a Monday afternoon to help ensure the well-being of children under 5. A planned programme of development checks and immunisations are provided by appointment, in conjunction with the health visitor.

We have provided a table of childhood immunisations within our website, but for further information, please visit:

NHS Vaccination Schedule


Cervical Smears

Smear tests can be done by the doctors or the practice nurse. Please let the receptionist know when you arrive for a smear so that preparations can be made in the Treatment Room. Results for smear tests are posted out to the address we hold for you on computer unless you ask us otherwise. Results should be received within 4 weeks; please let us know if you haven’t heard after a month. 

For further information on the screening program and what to expect when you attend for a cervical smear test, please visit the following link:

Cancer Screening

Chronic Disease Management

Nurse Harvey runs clinics including Diabetes, Asthma, COPD and Hypertension. If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease you will usually be referred and called for routine follow-up and monitoring.

Contraceptive Services

Routine services are available by appointment with a doctor. Please telephone for advice regarding emergency contraception.

Medicine Monitoring

Patients on certain specialised medication will be asked to attend for regular monitoring. Our phlebotomist runs clinics regularly for monitoring patents prescribed warfarin, methotrexate, sulfaslazine and others.

Minor Injuries

During our usual opening hours patients can ask for a doctor or nurse to assess an injury, provided it is less than 2 days old. You may be advised to attend A & E if we cannot treat your injury here. If you have a cut, burn or scald, a foreign body in your skin or eye, or a head injury that did not make you unconscious please phone the practice for further advice from the Doctor.

Minor Surgery

We have facilities to carry out both simple and more complex minor surgery. All doctors can carry out simple procedures, but you may be referred to one of our GPs with a special interest for a more complex procedure. Currently, we have 2 GP's who specialise in more complex minor surgery procedures - Dr Crawford and Dr Jackson.

Health Checks 

We offer an annual check-up for all patients over 75 who have not had a reason to see the doctor in the previous 12 months. You may request this consultation to be carried out at your home if you are not fit to travel. Patients who are over 16 but under 75, but have not seen a doctor in the previous 3 years, are also welcome to make an appointment for a general health check. Please phone our reception on 02892 682216 to arrange this appointment.

Health Promotion Consultations

For smoking cessation, weight loss etc. with a member of our team.

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