DNA Policy

The Practice has a high demand for appointments and in order for us to make the most of the appointments that we have the Practice operates a DNA policy to follow up patients who have failed to attend appointments. We do this to ensure that:-

·          There is appropriate use of practice resources – doctors and nurses can usually use cancelled appointments even at quite short notice and this benefits patients who need to be seen on the same day or for an emergency.

·          Patients who we know are very poorly and DNA are contacted in case of sudden collapse but we cannot contact all patients who DNA rather than cancel, so we risk missing those patients who really need our help.

·          We are following up patients with recent changes to medication or chronic disease

·          We are able to offer appointments to patients who need them as quickly as possible.

We understand that there are occasions when patents cannot attend for their appointment, eg

·          Unforeseen circumstances (adverse weather, transport problems)

·          Other health issues, which may include hospital admission

However, we expect that when patients cannot attend either they or their representative will contact us so that we can allocate that appointment to somebody else.

We will follow up patients who have

·          DNA’d 3 appointments in a row

·          DNA’d 5 appointments in any 12 month period.

These patients will receive a letter reminding them of the importance of cancelling their appointments. Their attendance will then be monitored and if the patient continues to DNA without cancelling, the doctors will consider taking action in the form of a warning letter to patients.

Following this, if the patient continues to DNA the doctors will consider if the patient should be asked to leave the Practice as it is unfair on other patients to have appointments delayed because of one patient’s inconsiderate behaviour.


Policy Updated February 2014




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