Minor Ailments Service

Pharmacies offer independent health advice and are trained in the treatment of minor ailments, without the need for a GP appointment.  This service is free of charge and you will normally be seen in just a few minutes at your pharmacy!

Using this scheme saves you a trip to the surgery and also allows the GP more time to focus on patients that urgently need their care. D0CABN8426CADAY4N0CAMH4XFVCAIU6BNRCA3ROTOTCA8DGC2QCAHBL3JBCAIE4QRYCAR5SSQICALKHE1JCA2BL8NOCAN4QYJ0CAJS3YSRCAGVVP3UCAE8TTD3CACSFDL3CAP9GOVQCAK4K49RCA6NGBU7.jpg

Here are a list of conditions treatable by the Pharmacy:

    • Mouth Ulcers
    • Headlice
    • Ear Wax
    • Diarrhoea
    • Coldsores
    • Threadworms
    • Oral Thrush
    • Vaginal Thrush
    • Athlete's Foot
    • Groin Itch 

 Please click on the link below to see what common ailments your local Pharmacist can help you with:



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